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1.) Open Google. 2.) Search your LAST name, only your last name. 3.) Take the first picture that comes up. 4.)Put this on Tumblr 5.) This is you in 30 years.







In my defense, She is Rich.
So fuck off peoples.


Fair enough.


That’s what I get for being Internet Famous.  …and for drawing Supergirl that one time, I guess.

In thirty years I’ll be myself in early 2009.

In 30 years, they will love me so much that they will make a slogan and logo…

Seriously. Some critics are decrying him for waiting til after North Carolina’s vote on same sex marriage, but to make a statement like this in an election year? It’s a hell of a thing to say, and I appreciate it.

So stupid it’s funny…but it transcends when it gets to the older woman using it on her hair.

The Painted Burro - Restaurant Review

Haven’t put down any thoughts on local restaurants for a while, primarily because of what I’m doing over at Since we went out for dinner tonight, I thought I’d share some thoughts.

The Painted Burro opened in Davis Square, Somerville in mid-March. Having just discovered a really decent Oaxacan restaurant in Arlington (Acitrón), I wasn’t running out the door to try it, even if the owners were the same as another favorite of mine in the area (Posto, where I had my 42nd birthday celebratory pig roast).

Last week, however, my hubby and our housemate the Otter tried it while I was at PAX East, and they couldn’t stop raving about it. Now I was intrigued to try it.

I liked the decor, which is relaxed and fun, but I was really turned off by the noise level. It’s just an incredibly noisy restaurant, due in part to a bar full of hipsters. We were seated quickly, and chips and salsa ended up on the table quickly. Delicious chips and salsa, I might say.

In just a few moments, we had a server taking our drink orders. Drinks came quickly, and then we ordered appetizers and our main meals. We split three delicious appetizers, every one of which was absolutely fantastic.

Elote, a kind of grilled corn on the cob with lime juice, spicy mayo, and grated cheese on it, has become a favorite of ours. I was excited to see it on the menu, especially since it had not been offered the first time the Roo and Otter went. It was fantastic, with just a hint of char on it. The mayo was tangy, the cheese mild, and the lime juice provided in the form of wedges of lime.

One thing that the Roo and Otter had talked about was the Chicharrones in a tangy sweet tamarind sauce with sliced chiles. Amazing! A hint of crispiness, but mostly just luscious pork loveliness with the perfect hint of heat.

Flash-roasted shishito peppers were a new one on me. Dressed very simply with lime juice and sea salt, these fire roasted peppers were a lovely piece. I gather shishito peppers are a popular Japanese bar-snack. These had a fantastic flavor, with a little heat now and then.

For dinner, we had a number of different tacos. I ordered the “Chupacabra Taco”, featuring Chorizo, skirt steak, cochinita pork , and…wait for it…lamb neck barbecue! Topped with pickled cabbage, an adobo mayo sauce, micro greens, fresh-squeezes of lime, these soft tacos were amazing! I devoured them eagerly.

I also split an order of Chorizo Tacos. This was a real revelation, with chipotle mayo, fried potato shreds, and a fried egg on it. When you fold the taco up, the yolk of the egg breaks, coating the rest of the taco filling. It was like an incredibly good brunch taco.

Dessert? Yes, we did. We split a chocolate espuma and a flan. The espuma is incredibly dense and rich, unlike traditional chocolate mousse. At the bottom of the dessert is a cherry marmalade flavored with Patron tequila. The flan was citrusy, with a really light, fresh taste.

Without a doubt, this restaurant is 5 out of 5. The noise level may be annoying, but who cares when food this good is in the offing? Absolutely the best new restaurant I’ve encountered this year.

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